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Serious workout, Serious Fun

Simply put, there is no finer total body workout available today than Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. Improve balance, strength, endurance, and general athleticism while devouring breathtaking views. You will find yourself looking for any excuse to get out on the water, because Mt. Hood, the klickitat hills, and amazing wildlife are always a better view than the inside of a gym. 

Celilo Paddle Company offers membership packages to give people the option of incorporating paddling into their fittness plan.

Real Life Results - By Kevin Perry

I have alway had trouble maintaining my weight. Throughout my military career I was alway one of the guys that had to have my gut measured to calculate my body fat (because I never hit my target on the scale) to make sure I was still within standards (sometimes I missed that too). I wanted to be fit and maintain the standards, but I could not jog, crunch, lunge, squat or burpee my gut away. 

In the summer of 2016, with very little SUP experience, I decided to paddle to work. I launched my 10'6" Jimmy Styks inflatable just below The Dalles bridge and paddled to Klint Cove (about 4 miles downstream). It was one of the best mornings of my life, so I did it again... and again... and again. I was having a blast and pounds were falling - FALLING - off of me. One of my coworkers decided to join me for my morning paddles, and the pounds fell off of him too. 

I was inspired, heartened, energized... I wanted to work out! Prior to SUP, I was convinced that my genetics had cursed me to a lifetime of wearing my shirt at the beach. I was sure that "fitness" just wasn't for me... I was wrong.

After 6 months, on average paddling 30-45 minutes a day 3-4 days a week, I shed over 40 lbs. One year later I am down 48 pounds and 6 inches off my waist. SUP has changed my life... It can change your life too!

Pics, or it didn't happen!

Pics, or it didn't happen!