Celilo Paddle Company
bringing Stand Up paddleboarding To the Dalles, OR

We're Kevin and Sherry. In 2013 we left the hustle and bustle of the big city looking for a place where nature's playground is right outside our door. We found what we were looking for when we came to The Dalles, Oregon in the Columbia River Gorge. It didn't take us long to discover how much of Oregon's natural beauty can be experienced via paddle board. We can often be seen taking family paddles on the river and surrounding lakes. Kevin can even be seen paddling the river when there are multiple feet of snow on the ground! Not only does he find great joy in the experience, paddling has also allowed Kevin to lose 40+ pounds in less than 8 months!


We now wish to share our love of paddling, fitness, and nature with you! You will not be disappointed as you discover, as we have, all that paddling the Columbia River Gorge has to offer!

In the Columbia Gorge, our beautiful piece of Earth boasts river islands, rocky cliffs, gorgeous views of Mount Hood, and a variety of river conditions among other geological features that make this part of the Columbia River ideal to explore via paddling.

If in doubt, paddle out.
— Nat Young

Celilo Paddle Company is a proud supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Columbia Gorge, a program of The Next Door Inc.